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Address: Edif. Científico Técnico V, despacho 1-14, Universidad de Almería. 04120 - La Cañada de San Urbano (Almería)
Telephone +34 950 214 757
Web: http://www.cemyri.es
e-mail: cemyri.ual@gmail.com

Director: D. Pablo Pumares Fernández

The Center for the Study of Migration and Intercultural Relations (CEMyRI), at the UAL, was founded in 2009 with the sponsorship of the Secretary of State for Immigration and Emigration of the Ministry of Employment and Immigration. The framework of this center is the clear need to provide our community with a basic resource in order to contribute to improve the coexistence between numerous and different social groups.

Aims of the Center

  • Investigate and understand the migration process and all its dimensions, from different perspectives, through theoretical and field studies.
  • Train and prepare new technicians, facilitators and researchers-theoretical, methodological and practically-in the field of migration and intercultural relations, according to criteria of quality and excellence.
  • Encourage mobility and exchange of researchers within training programs and research.
  • To promote, advise and evaluate projects of social intervention in the field of migration, in collaboration with the different administrations (local, provincial, regional and state).
  • Communicate and transfer research results to government, agencies and public and private responsibilities for migration, including multidisciplinary advice to these entities, working with foreign companies or have immigrant workers and unions ,NGOs and other organizations.
  • Develop a network of interdisciplinary work with Spanish and foreign art equipment that allows unite and coordinate the numerous investigations that are being developed to date, and to promote multidisciplinary research and compared.
  • Promote training through courses Own Lessons for intercultural mediation, social and health care, training of trainers, etc., Aimed at native and immigrant population.
  • Dissemination activities, awareness and sensitization (congresses, conferences and meetings) and academic (Master's, doctoral courses and seminars).
  • Publication of the International Journal of Migration Studies (Riem). 
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Application areas

  • Migrations
  • Intercultural Relations

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