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Multidirectional collector for carried particles by wind


A Spanish university has patented a new collecting solid particles in suspension which includes a separation chamber with different compartments, under a discharge opening. Solidarity to the collector, a plate fin makes the whole turn around a mast, by wind. The discharge opening connects with different containers depending on wind direction at all times. Catchments are made at different heights from the ground level.

Ventaja competitiva

The main innovation of this device is the separation of the solid particles collected depending on the wind direction. The system allows to use different mechanical separators, which have an inlet and an outlet of air, located in a vertical plane, and a particle discharge opening in the base. Each separator has several containers in which particles are deposited according to different wind directions.

The device separators may be located at different heights on the same mast. This distribution allows collect particles suspended in air, classifying according to the height at they move, which is related to weight or size. Another new aspect of the design is that itŽs the first device capable of raising not only displaced particles in suspension or by saltation, but also on the bearing surface.

Pablabras clave

  • Automated instrumentation
  • Multidirectional collector
  • Particle storm

Área tecnológica

  • Agrofood
  • Bio Chem Tech
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Materials


  • Asensio Grima, Carlos Manuel
  • López Martínez, Javier
  • Lozano Cantero, Francisco Javier

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