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The research group "Automatic Control, Robotics and Mechatronic" (ARM, code TEP197 of the Andalusian R&D Plan) is composed by 22 research members, 20 PhD and 2 engineers, plus 4 PhD collaborators. The group is adscribed to the Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3).

The main research lines are: predictive, adaptive and robust control, modeling and simulation of industrial processes, electronics, mechatronics, robotics, design and construction of robots, energy efficiency and comfort control in buildings, control and robotics techniques applied to agricultural, renewable energy, biotechnology and bioengineering, control education, vehicle dynamics and vibration analysis in machines.

Research Topics

  • Control predictivo, control robusto, modelado y simulación de procesos industriales, electrónica, mecatrónica, robótica de manipulación y móvil, diseño y construcción de robots, eficiencia energética y control de confort en edificios, técnicas de control


  • Automática y control de procesos
  • Control en agricultura, energía y biotecnología
  • Control predictivo
  • Control robusto
  • Dinámica de vehículos y análisis de vibraciones
  • Electrónica y comunicaciones
  • Robótica: diseño y control

Contact details

Lecturer: Manuel Berenguel Soria
Departament: Department of Computer Science
Telephone: +34 950 01 5683
e-mail: beren@ual.es

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