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  • roca sobrino, l., berenguel soria, m. "A feedback control system with reference governor for a solar membrane distillation pilot facility". renewable energy, vol. 120, 2018, p. 536 - 549.
  • pawlowski , a., guzman sanchez, j., berenguel soria, m., acien fernandez, f., dormido bencomo, s. "Application of Predictive Feedforward Compensator to Microalgae Production in Raceway Reactor: A Simulation Study". energies, vol. 11, n. 123, 2018, p. 1 - 17.
  • lópez martínez, j., blanco claraco, j., perez alonso, j., callejón ferre, a. "Distributed network for measuring climatic parameters in heterogeneous environments: application in a greenhouse". computers and electronics in agriculture, vol. 145C, 2018, p. 105 - 121.
  • bonilla cruz, j., roca sobrino, l., palenzuela ardila, p. "Optimal operating conditions analysis for a multi-effect distillation plant according to energetic and exergetic criteria". desalination, vol. 435, 2018, p. 70 - 76.
  • roca sobrino, l., berenguel soria, m. "Optimal operation of a Solar Membrane Distillation pilot plant via Nonlinear Model Predictive Control". computers & chemical engineering, vol. 109, 2018, p. 151 - 165.

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